About Us


Lewis Elkin Elementary School is dedicated to engaging our students and their families in academically challenging and culturally relevant instruction.  Through collaboration with community partners, we commit to creating a safe, nurturing environment that values the social emotional well-being of our community.  Our students are empowered and motivated to accept and embrace who they are and appreciate the differences in others, realizing their true potential as life-long learners.

Best Practices that support the school mission:

· Students actively engaged in hands-on and cooperative learning activities

· Teamwork and Collegial sharing of best practices (Weekly Grade Group)

· Ongoing Data analysis that drives instruction

· An environment where there is respect for oneself and others

· Peer coaching staff / Modeling / Behavioral Health Partnerships

· Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (Year 2)

· Personalized Development Plans

· Technology integration / SMART / CHROME CARTS·

· Teaching the whole child (Social/Emotional)·


Elkin staff and parents envision a school where all children learn and reach

academic proficiency. Our teachers engage students in explicit instruction and use

data to make educational decisions. Our parents are ourpartners who support

their children, the school and the community. Our students come to school to

learn, and prepare themselves for the world of work as leaders and good citizens.

The school administrators value all stakeholders and the cultural diversity of our

school. Everyone works to ensure that students meet and exceed school, state and

national goals.


The Lewis Elkin Elementary School is located at “D” Street and Allegheny Ave., in the

Kensington section of the city of Philadelphia. Between the Main Building and Little School

House, we serve approximately 700 students in grades K thru 4th. Our racially diverse

population is composed of 16.6 % African American, 2.2 % White, .2 % Asian, 71.5 % Latino

and 9.4 % Other/Multicultural subgroups. In addition, the Elkin student population consists of

8% Special Education and 22.5% English Language Learners.