STUDENT REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  August 27, 2018 is the first day for students.  Please make sure you have the proper registration documents and follow the registration process before then.  This information can be found  on the parent page at:

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Our Faculty & Staff

Who We Are


Dr. William R. Hite, Jr.- Superintendent
Mr. John Tupponce, Assistant Superintendent Network 4

Charlotte Maddox, Principal  Steven Sykes, Assistant Principal Mary Gorman, Assistant Principal


Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade
 Ms. Rdesinski  Ms. Uholik  Ms. Murphy  Ms. Fanini  Ms. Kelley
 Mr. Dotter  Ms. Sloan  Ms. Stepnowska  Mr. Graves  Ms. Stewart
 Ms. Robinson  Mr. Welsh  Ms. Pagan  Ms. Cruz  Mr. Boone
 Ms. McClane  Ms. Brenneman  Ms. Gross  Ms. Ross  Ms. Dufner
 Ms. Sanzetenea  Ms. Duran  Ms. Schamko  Ms. Gotlieb  Ms. Dias
 Ms. Bunton  Ms. Ojeda  Ms. Mauk  Ms. Trainor  Ms. Hare
 Ms. Greco  Ms. Shotzbarger  Ms. Forstater

Specialist Teachers

Ms. Williamson – Science

Mr. Kasner – Computers

Ms. Beeks – Library

Mr. Bendowski – Health/Physical Education

Ms. Onyekwelu – Health/Physical Education

E.S.O.L Teachers

Ms. Schmidt (ESL Coordinator)

Ms. White

Ms. Downs

Ms. Douglass

Special Education Teachers

Ms. Boyce – Special Education Liaison (S.E.L.)

Ms. Jones

Ms. Gliem

Support Staff

Ms. McCullough – Student Based Teacher Leader (S.B.T.L.)

Mr. Kasner – Technology Teacher Leader (T.T.L)

Ms. Filano – Bilingual Counselor

Ms. Gibney – Counselor

Ms. Ribar – School Psychologist

Dr. Hernandez – Speech Therapist

Mr. Braswell – Climate Manager

Ms. Joanis – Climate Liaison

Mr. Gamboa – Climate Liaison

Ms. Rivera – Bilingual Secretary

Ms. Ledgister -Nurse

Mr. Henderson – School Police Officer

Ms. Walsh – Early Literacy Specialist

Mr. McGuire – Building Engineer

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