Elkin Safety Patrol

From 1920 to present day, the AAA School Safety Patrol Program plays an important role in helping young students learn and fulfill leadership roles.  The presence of a AAA School Safety Patrol wearing the familiar belt & badge is a nationally recognized symbol alerting motorists to drive carefully, for school children are in the area.  Now, more than 635,000 children throughout the country participate in the program.

Many famous Americans have held the position of AAA School Safety Patrol, including U.S. Presidents, Governors, Supreme Court Justices, Olympic Medalists, Astronauts, Educators, Executives and Community Leaders!


Lewis Elkin prides itself on many accomplishments throughout the years and The Elkin Safety Patrol is certainly one of them:

“Flags held high, members of the Lewis Elkin School Safety Patrol march around the schoolyard, D and Clearfield sts., during first annual Safety Day ceremonies to honor the 50th anniversary of the city schools’ safety patrols.”

June 17, 1964

Students march, waving their school flag proudly

June 17, 1964

Lewis Elkin Safety Patrol marching in school yard as families watch by.

June 17, 1964

“Elkin School’s ‘Safety of the Year,’ Charles Whittaker, a fifth grader, recieves his trophy from Jack Schwartz (right), Philadelphia public schools’ safety patrol supervisor, and a congratulatory pat from Joseph J. Roddis (center), District 5 superintendent. The presentation was made during annual safety day ceremonies Wednesday in the schoolyard, D and Clearfield sts.”

June 17, 1964

June 17, 1964

AAA Mid-Atlantic supports the program by providing patrol equipment, support materials, training and individualized school guidance. In addition, the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety & Education sponsors Training Camps and recognizes Outstanding AAA School Safety Patrols at Award Luncheons throughout the AAA Mid-Atlantic territory.

Under Mark Kasner, Lewis Elkin Safety Patrol Coordinator for the last 22 years, the Safety of Year award continues to be given to Elkin safeties during the following years:

2006 "Safety of the Year"

2006 "Safety of the Year"

2009 "Safety of the Year"

2010 "Safety of the Year"

2011 "Safety of the Year"

2012 "Safety of the Year"

2013 "Safety of the Year"

2016 "Safety of the Year"

2017 "Safety of the Year"

2018 "Safety of the Year"

2023 "Safety of the Year"